Dr J Jeshoor Kumar

MBBS, MD (UK), MRCPsych (UK), CCT (UK)  
Consultant Psychiatrist & Addiction Specialist
Founder, Hebron De-Addiction Centre, Hebron Counselling Centre (Hebron Centres)

Dr Jeshoor Kumar graduated from Tirunelveli Medical College in 1997 and completed a diploma course in Psychiatry from the Institute of Mental Health, Chennai, India in 2001. Then he moved to the UK for higher training and obtained additional qualifications and vast experience in the NHS. He became the Member of The Royal College of Psychiatrists in London in 2008.

His passion is de-addiction work and has worked in several hospitals in the UK. He has helped thousands of addicted (dependent) people to recover from various drugs such as nicotine (tobacco), alcohol, cannabis (Ganja), inhalants, stimulants, sedatives & hypnotics, opioids and novel psychoactive substances and many more. He was also awarded the prestigious M.D. degree for his extensive work on ‘Legal Highs’ (Novel Psychoactive Substances) by the University of Hertfordshire in 2013.

His recent review paper was published by the Royal College of Psychiatrists, UK. Check out !

He has moved back to India to serve people with mental health and drug/ alcohol addiction problems and his centre is situated near STC in Perumalpuram, Tirunelveli.

All the contents in this website are translated / edited using ICD-10 was used as a reference.

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